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Reader 10; 9 March 2012

News and Notes

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 11.   People are reminded to set their clocks ahead one hour at 2 a.m., or Saturday evening before they go to bed.   This is also a good time to change batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. 

The #1 complication of childbirth is depression. Family Matters in Lawrencetown is partnering with Annapolis Valley Health to offer a ten week facilitated session for women who are experiencing or are at risk of post partum depression.  Sessions are held at Family Matters every Wednesday morning from March 28th to May 30th.   To register, please call Angela Fredericks at 825-4825.

The “Bit of Everything” Auction for the Bridgetown Legion is shaping up to be quite an exciting evening.  Lots of amazing items will be available for your winning bid.  Go to their web site, to view a partial list of products and services that have been donated.  There will be complimentary wine and cheese for registrants.  If you want to donate call Stuart at 665-5162 or Wayne at 824-1618.  Reserve your seats by calling Ray at 588-2005.

The Hampers For Health Program is seeking musical talent to perform at the fundraiser, Sat. April 28th 1-4pm at the Bridgetown Legion All are welcome but spots are limited so please register by March 10th. Vendors can purchase a table to sell their wares, as well. Tickets for the event go on sale in mid March, and all funds raised will support the Hampers for Health Program. To reserve, volunteer or learn more contact Heather Howard, Hamper Coordinator at 665-4461 or

 Bridgetown Fiddle Fest to Benefit Band Students

The BRHS Senior Band Committee are hosting a Fiddle Fest. 
This event will be held April 14,2012 at 7:00pm in the BRHS gymnasium. Tickets will be sold at the door for $7.00 per person, under 10 get in free.
                                                                                                                                       The acts are:
1) Bridgetown Fiddlers, 
2) Symons Family 
3) Mary's Islanders, 
4) Lorimer Higgins 
5) Brent Williams.

Trip members & parents are fundraising for the 2012 Band Trip to Ottawa which will take place  later this April. This is an educational exchange with Bell High School of Ottawa.                                                   The Band Committee  have been fundraising for 3 years. Please come out and support the local Senior Band as they raise funds for their trip of a lifetime.

Nutrition Notes

March is Nutrition month so I thought it fitting to submit a small article on the subject.  It seems to me that these days with all the confusion surrounding food fads and diets general we’ve lost our way.  The expression “you can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind.  Having a personal and professional interest in nutrition I feel I have stumbled onto the answer to the dilemma of what to eat.  Now stay with me, because I’m hoping this will be an A-ha moment.  My philosophy regarding nutrition and achieving a healthy life through the foods you consume is to be aware of the value of the foods you choose.    Nutrition is the intake of nutrients.  Nutrients are the building blocks of healthy life;    carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.  When selecting foods ask yourself what nutrients will be delivered to my body.  Many of the products marketed as “healthy” or “low fat” or “diet” foods are really just empty calories.  Even if they are low in calories, they often fall short on nutrient density.  Eating foods with a purpose will change the way your body works, your energy, mood, stamina, and most likely how you look outwardly.  So go get out there, and fill your basket with nutrition!! 
                                                                                                                                                                                         1) Eat foods from all colors of the rainbow
 2) Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables 
 3) Choose more whole grains- large flake oats, brown rice, quinoa & eat more beans, and lentils
 4) Enjoy high quality dairy products, avoid sugary milk beverages and artificially sweetened low calorie yogurts (instead focus on what the dairy will provide, think protein, calcium, energy) 
 5)Choose lean cuts of meat 
 6) Choose oily fish! 
 7) Seek out healthy fats- fish oil, seeds, nuts, avocados, olives 
 8)Avoid processed foods. Foods with more than 5 ingredients or ingredients you can’t pronounce are probably not the best choice 
 submitted by Holly Walker, Fitness Instructor Specialist-Group Effort Fitness

New Market For Bridgetown

The Bridgetown and Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is looking into starting a new Farmers and Traders Market at Jubilee Park in Bridgetown.  Representatives of the BACC held a public meeting for potential vendors and interested residents at the End of the Line Pub on Tues. March 7th.  Moderated by Carole Carter, the participants discussed dates and times for the new market and the pros and cons of having a market in Jubilee Park. 

The Bridgetown Farmers and Crafters Market has been held for 4 years in the parking lot of Endless Shores Books, first at 160 South Street then at 67 Queen Street.  A loyal core of vendors, many occasional sellers and a steady stream of customers have made the Tuesday afternoon market a community event, despite a lack of support from Town Hall or the business community.  These vendors have considered Jubilee Park in years past but have been concerned about visibility. 

The BACC, and Bridgetown Community Development Coordinator Steve Raftery  however, want a “new/improved/expanded market” and have expressed a willingness to     promote the market in Jubilee Park.   Those interested in participating in this new market, whether as vendors, customers or supporters should attend a meeting to be held at the Tupperville Hall on Sat. March 24th at 1:30PM.  Along with gauging  support, organizers need to begin the process of     choosing directors and  setting up a society to oversee the  market.

 Bridgetown Town Council Notes 
                                                                                                           The Bridgetown Town Council met in Regular Session on Wed. March 7, 6PM at the Bridgetown Fire Hall.  About 15 residents were in attendance.  Mayor Fowler and Councilor Thurber were present by speakerphone.  Here are some of the highlights:

  •  Planning Officer Keith Saunders brought to council a recommendation from the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) regarding an application for change of use from the owners of the Bridgetown Development Centre (BDC).  The owners, Shaun Saunders and Jeff Bishop, have plans to create a residential hockey academy at the BDC and need  changes made  to allow a commercial school with dormitory.  The PAC recommended accepting this change of use.   Council gave a first reading for this application and set up a Public Meeting for 6PM on April 11, prior to the Council Meeting on that night.
  •  The municipalities in Annapolis County continue to pursue the idea of shared services.  A Mayor’s and Warden’s Meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks for more discussion.
  • Council voted to accept account write-offs of over $20,000 as Town staff work through tax and water/sewer accounts.   Of the total, $13,000 is interest, which cannot be recovered through an insurance claim.
  •  Council voted to retain the services of Michael V. Coyle as Town Solicitor.  Coyle replaces long time solicitor John Cameron who resigned last year.
  •  To prepare for the October, 2012 Municipal Elections, Council appointed a Returning Officer (Heather Marshal) and Deputy Returning Officer (Margarida Merry),  accepted a Tariff of Fees and specified that the town would need only one polling place.  Council passed a motion to use the Province’s Permanent Voter’s List.
  •  A motion was passed to encourage residents to support Earth Hour, which takes place on March 31st, from 8:30-9:30PM          
  • CAO Hiltz reported that the budget is still on target and that collections are coming in as they should.  There is still about $198,000 in Accounts Payable still outstanding from this year but the town is catching up as funds come in.  About $11,000 in payables was discovered from a previous year, however.                                                                                           
  • During the Public Forum, Shaun Saunders spoke to the audience regarding changes at the Bridgetown Development Centre and plans for the Hockey Academy.  Residents expressed their appreciation for the work Shaun and his partners are doing.                                                                                             
  • The next Town Council meeting will take place Wed. April 11, 6PM, again at the Fire Hall

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